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Hey, welcome back for another refresher to your week! This Friday Cashmoney Records is the focus. Remember when Juvenile was top 10 on the charts? Remember when Mannie Fresh was the hottest producer out? Remember when Lil Wayne didn’t have any tattoos on his face? Remember when Birdman was ‘normal’? Well anyway, this Re-Fresh Friday I’m here to take you down memory lane with a few Cashmoney hits and the tremendous impact they had on hip-hop.

First off, can we just talk about the lingo that they helped introduce into the mainstream? Bling bling, chopper, grill, Wabu-di Wabu-di, Ha, drop it like it’s hot, and countless other slang terms that we- outside of New Orleans or really the south may have never heard before, Cashmoney. And then let’s talk about the album cover artwork! Always full of bling bling, always flames, because you know it was fire, etc. Just very very flashy stuff that typical rap artists were not into at the time. They began to give something to the culture, a taste for the finer things in life but, stuff that could fit into the hood lifestyle. For example; Diamond mouth Grillz, 24 karat diamond-encrusted chains(okay this wasn’t new but, they sure were consistent with it), Louis Vuitton belts, the list goes on. They introduced to Hood High Fashion and we loved it, well during the early 2000s at least.

So now, their music. I think we can all agree that Cashmoney really did take over the 99 and the 2000s! From Juvenile, to Lil Wayne they had us bumping our head in our cars, homes, and clubs. Can you remember where you were the first time you heard “Still Fly”? I can, I was in California on my way home from school and it came on the radio and I just loved it. Turned it up as loud as my mom would let me and I knew that my summer, now had an anthem!

Cashmoney always did things their way! They chose to stay true to their New Orleans trap roots but, they decided to take over the mainstream by creating something new. New sounds, new looks, new attitude, new beats, new lifestyle. They opened up the mainstream to a different kind of New Orleans and a different kind of sound.

Enough of me babbling I have put some awesome links below for you! Let these songs be your anthem(s) this Friday night!

Ha!: Because sometimes you gotta call people out on their bull!

Get Your Roll On: Because it’s Friday!

Tha Block is Hott: Because well it’s Friday! (be careful)

Back that A$$ up: Because well….it’s a day in the week! This song is always acceptable.

I Need A Hot Girl: Because there is no reason just feel free to get inappropriate to this song (no judgment zone) 😉

Alright,  I hope you get pumped up for whatever you got planned this week and I’ll catch y’all next week! Stay Fresh!


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