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ReFresh Fridays: Chill hop/Jazzy Hip-hop Edition

Hey Hey Hey, Hope you are ready for this week’s Re-Fresh Friday. This Friday I, of course, like every Friday wanted to do something different. This Re-Fresh Friday I wanted to focus on Chill hop, a.k.a. Jazzy Hip-hop, a.k.a. the dopeness! This week’s artist is Freddie Joachim.  He is from San Diego, CA which explains why he is a master with the ridiculously chill vibes. He is not new to the game but, man is he Re-Fresh(ing)! A lot of his compositions are very conducive to the Southern California lifestyle, you really hear it, and feel it in his music. Speaking of his original tracks; he is a behind a lot of the sampling you hear from a lot of your favorite hip-hop/R&B artist such as J.Cole, Joey Bada$$, Aloe Black, Jesse Boykins, Teedra Moses and a few others. Collaborations and sampling are always welcome by me in the Chill/Jazzy Hip-hop world.

The most recognizable beat from Freddie Joachim is Waves! This beat definitely gives out a chill, sunny day, driving down the highway with the windows down just vibing! I really love Freddie Joachim because he experiments like nobody’s business and it ALWAYS pays off. There isn’t a Joachim song I don’t like and that’s because you can tell he really thinks about the emotion he wants to convey when he makes a track. He gives his all in every track and hearing his mixes, or new tracks you can tell it comes so easily for him. He just has a natural gift that I’d like to share and bless you all with!

Although, I like every song from Freddie Joachim I do have a starter introduction ‘track’  that I like to give out first. He made an amazing mix a few years ago and that’s usually what I show to people so they can understand the genius that is Mr. Joachim. He flawlessly blends R&B, Neo-Soul, and Hip-hop! These sounds that he blends together really allow you to vibe on all levels, if you are a dancer you want to dance, if you like to just sit and bob your head, then you just sit and bob your head, and if you just like to cruise and vibe you can! There is no set protocol for Joachim’s mixes or music you just vibe and do what you do.

So here is a LIVE mix from Joachim at the ‘SO Miles Party’ at Djoon in Paris, France.


Listen, Vibe, Love.

Until next Friday y’all!


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