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Re-Fresh Fridays: Late Night Edition

Hey there!

Well I know this weekend you all wanted something a little different… Like always! This week I have some late night jams for you to help you get from Friday to Saturday. Now this isn’t exactly hip-hop but, I know you can appreciate it because it’s good music. This week I have several artist and songs that will ease your right into the weekend.

Let’s get started with this lovely duo:

Malice and Mario Sweet are a soulful couple that make the most amazing soul jams. Like literally your soul jams! They have a lot of great songs but this song here is what got me into them and I’m hoping it will get you into them as well. They are so Re-Freshing to the soul circuit, their sound is different, their look is different, and they musical composition is different. They are refreshing because they are so different! Sometimes being different yields a big reward. Here are a few more tracks you can check out for yourself. Feel free and browse through the soul that is Malice and Mario! Click HERE

If you want something a little more upbeat don’t worry we got you covered.

Now we all love old school and let me Re-Fresh you with a dope, uplifting number from none other than the Queen. One of Queen Latifah’s biggest hits was “U.N.I.T.Y.” she used regular everyday trials that women experience and made it into one of the most iconic uplifting jazzy hip-hop songs of the 90s! Just in case you forgot, take a quick listen.





Now, that you’ve refreshed your ears, here is something FRESH for you. This next track is a piggy back off of the Queen Latifah joint you just finished enjoying. If you don’t know Fortune is a dope up and coming producer who made the dopest lil old school remix. Remixed what? You might ask…? Well, you guessed it Fortune did a remix of Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y. enough of my talking, I’ll let the music speak. Here is Fortune’s RE-Freshing remix of U.N.I.T.Y. 

These awesome chill, soulful tracks should get you to your weekend!

Stay Fresh!


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