MOOD Ent. proclaims “Virginia Isn’t For Lovers” on latest release

Is there love in Virginia? The age old adage has finally been answered by MOOD ENT. a spectacular rap collective based in Hampton, Virginia. The smooth, R&B tinged record sees artist Davie Jone$ crooning over the hook before providing us with a rapidly delivered verse about his romantic forays. MOOD ENT artists Kirk D. and Hollywood Rame follow Jone$, creating a trifecta of verses that hit hard and well. Once you get through the first listen, the second, third, and fourth fly by without realizing you’ve been pressing the repeat button. 

  In this visual filmed and directed by Dawit and MOOD ENT’s Conscious Kane, the group conveys the struggle of finding a worthy love interest through the metaphor of a beauty pageant. Undeniably, in their debut video, you can see this collective has the star quality, personality, and love for conceptual work and this is surely just the start.


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