(EP) Debo Roc – Trio @DeboRoc

Let me introduce you to DEBO ROC, an on-the-verge hip-hop artist from Flatbush Brooklyn, NY with a unique outlook on life! Society has failed us when it comes to real rap these days. Everybody just sounds the same. Whatever happened to keeping it #100? Whatever happened to the raw feeling and true content that a young Method Man, Busta Rhymes, or a J.Cole gave you? Well on DEBO ROC’s new EP, “TRIO” he makes you understand where he is coming from. This is easily one of the dopest releases that you’ve heard from a hip-hop artist in a long while!

The new 3-track EP, “TRIO” includes back-to-back certified bangers and anthems! You can hear DEBO’s raw emotion, passion, and his struggle with every bar. His story is very distinct and stands out, because it is real. While listening to “TRIO” you will hear the determination of a talented young artist who aims to turn his hustler’s ambition into wealth. DEBO ROC says, “This is only the beginning”. Download it today! https://open.spotify.com/album/6aaPRznLEBFZG6rqQ4IrJe


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