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ReFreh Fridays: Friday Edition

“…It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t go sh*t to do!” -Smokey (Ice Cube’s Friday)

I was watching this movie earlier this week and thought about the “sound of LA”.  I was watching the scene with Smokey and Craig driving to the liquor store to pick up some cigarettes for Smokey’s trifflin’ mom (haha) and while they were driving tto the store, they were jammin to “Keep their heads ringing” by Dr. Dre. I heard this and it instantly took me back to when I was a kid walking to 7/11 to get some nachos or when I would go to my aunt’s house and my cousins and I would just listen to this song on the radio and dance and play around. It also made me think of Ice Cube and his big change of sound right after this movie and to me became a very well developed rapper well into the 2000s. He moved away from the “classic L.A.” sound to do something else ‘L.A.’

When you think of Ice Cube, you think of N.W.A. and one of his most popular hits “Today was a good day”. You miss a lot of his L.A. sound. But, growing up and driving through the streets of L.A. I recall hearing a lot of classic funk mixed with hip-hop…this sound is the sound of L.A… this sound is called G-Funk.

Today’s ReFresh Friday is to showcase all of those amazing G-Funk sounds that make up the heart of L.A. From Dr. Dre to Snoop Dogg (Lion, whatever he’s calling himself these days) to DJ Quik. The sounds that they created made us bob our heads, bounce in our “jeeps” and gave us a stronger appreciation for the city. Other artists have dabbled in the G-Funk sound such as Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino and D’Angelo. Of course, these new artists put their own spin on this L.A. sound by mixing it with neo-soul, or a southern drop of soul. G-Funk is such a classic not only because it uses classics but because it has established itself as one of the most distinctive sounds and become synonymous with music and L.A. So I present to you a refresher on G-Funk, the sound of L.A!

ICE CUBE G-FUNK HITS: still keeping the G-Funk sound with a gangsta twist

(Before Friday) Check Yo Self: Listen here

(Before Friday) You Know How We Do It: Listen here

(Before Friday) Today Was A Good Day: Listen here

(After Friday) Good Cop Bad Cop: Listen here

(After Friday) Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It: Listen here


Keep Their Heads Ringin: Listen here

(G-Funk with a twist) Kush: Listen here

(the ultimate G-funk classic) Nothin but a G-Thang: Listen here

(the ultimate ultimate G-funk classic) *intro stops around 2:34*Let Me Ride: Listen here

(The most gangsta G-Funk) Deep Cover: Listen here


Ladi Dadi: Listen here

Doggy Dog World: Listen here

What’s My Name: Listen here

(213 bringing the G-funk masters) Mary Jane: Listen here


Tonite: Listen here

Safe and Sound: Listen here

Pitch In On A Party: Listen here

BlaqkOut: Listen here

New Nite: Listen here

Enjoy the G-Funk train to the weekend!!

Much Love,


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