Toronto’s Ali Gatie brings new single “Only One”

Listening isn’t something a lot of people do these days, but that’s about to change. “I’m not pushing an ideal image or sound. I’m simply about the music, so all I’m asking is for people to listen for a couple minutes.” Meet 20-year-old Mississauga native Ali Gatie. Making music to spread self-love and positivity, the visionary has been dabbling within the craft for a little over a  year, mainly in the genres of hip-hop and RnB.

After totalling close to 300K plays on audio giant SoundCloud, Ali’s current focus is on building the Li$N brand through expanding onto other streaming platforms. Throwing up a couple tracks onto newly established Spotify and iTunes, Ali’s ready to end his short hiatus. 

For now, he’s back with a sweet new track, titled “Only One.” The song itself is an upbeat, yet slow one that “explains the feeling of losing someone who you might miss, and settling with the idea that you can’t have them.”


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