FLANNEL ALBERT drops his debut EP “YEAH, no”

YEAH, no is the debut EP from Brooklyn based hip hop artist FLANNEL ALBERT. Produced alongside collective mate Mista Bradley, the project explores the many facets of Albert’s musical persona. As a lyricist, he highlights his conflicting emotions on relationships and his rise as a musician, coupling those themes with aggressive flows and melodic R&B hooks. 

His breakout single “aok” has amassed over 20k organic Soundcloud plays and counting, and has attracted new followers with its midtempo 808 bounce and blipy melodic sounds that match Albert’s energy, wit, and vibes. Songs like “i don’t wanna dance” are climbing in popularity and are solidifying his sound among new music listeners, and the project’s closer “the get down” provides a strong exclamation point by showcasing the rising artist’s skills as an emcee over a familiar and soulful sample. The EP is available now on Soundcloud as well as on all major subscription streaming platforms, and you can follow him on social media — @FLANNELALBERT


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