MC Bravado examines mental health in a creative fashion with “Try-Polar” visual

I’ve said it quite a few times here on 1DF and I’ll say it again, depression and mental health are very real issues people! It can be easy to push this to the side in hip-hop culture, but it is something that we should always try to have consideration of. MC Bravado is one member of the culture using his art to shed some light on it. In regards to his latest video release “Try-Polar” he had the following to say:

We’ve all heard of “bi-polar”, but in this song I’m telling you about three different versions of the same person/their worldview dependent upon how that person was choosing to cope. That doesn’t make that person “tri-polar” however, let’s settle on “Try-Polar” instead. Empathize with that struggle, and try to walk in that person’s shoes from each vantage point. That person is me, and what ultimately works for me may not work with you, but compassion will always be universal, so exercise it, and most importantly: keep trying. 

With that being said, give the visual a peek below. Once you’re done checking it out head over to iTunes and purchase his full Hip-Hop* album.


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