Joe Maynor brings his sophomore album “Cowboy”

Joe Maynor returns with his sophomore album ‘Cowboy’! This 16 track project shows off an insane amount of versatility from the Bakersfield CA artist as each song brings to the table a new sound and style. He switches up between nice old school flows and new school dancehall sounds. The leading single, Escape, has amassed over 25K plays on Soundcloud total and growing. When asked about the project, Joe said 

“Cowboy” is a 16 song project that I’ve been working on for the last 8 months. It’s an extension of the sound I tried to create on “TYBT”, my first project. The theme of the project is simply living out your dreams and also about the risks you have to take in the process. It’s really personal in places. Like too personal at times….. I’ve had a ton of awkward conversations with the people I love because of how personal it is. In the end, I just hope people relate to my stories, receive the messages, and enjoy it sonically.””  


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