Bizz-E BlazE pays homage to Cardi B on “Bardi”

Bizz-E BlazE has been on fire as of late, rising on up record after record in the past few months. It is only a matter of time before the entire world catches on to the Brooklyn native as the talent and catalog are certainly there. With many rappers trying to mimic waves and others lives in 2017, Bizz-E BlazE is still SCUMMIN, something that many (Rappers) have been trying to bite on in the industry lately. Life hasn’t been easy for the New York artist, growing up in Brooklyn, New York you deal with everyday street life, foolery, snakes, jakes and much more. Blaze has persevered and looks to carry New York on his back as he delivers day in and day out carrying the torch for his SCUM GANG team and the last of the real. Today he shows New York love as he drops a grimy new offering that is sure to have you turning your speakers up a bit whether it is before or after Bodak Yellow. An ode to Bardi AKA Cardi B or is it an ode to BAD females?! Regardless Bizz-E BlazE throws out a creative new record in which he claims all he needs is a BARDI! Mix the grimy production in with some heavy BARS and you got quite a record. Go follow Bizz-E Blaze on Instagram @TheFakeBizzEBlaze


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