video: LR Blitzkrieg, “Proxy”

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Brooklyn emcee LR Blitzkrieg presents the self-directed music video for “Proxy”, LR’s new single produced by Atlanta emcee/producer Ness Lee. LR is a member of underground crew The Plague (which counts Pack FM, ToneDeff, Poison Pen and Substantial as members as well as prior members Jin and Canibus) who made his name as a battler and event promoter on New York’s underground scene. he is co-CEO of MCMI Incorporated, a hip hop brand that list an apparel line, website, and label among its divisions, alongside his brother Keith “Wildchild” Middleton, life-long friend GMS and the late Pumpkinhead, for whom “Proxy” serves as a tribute and prayer, as well as Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and Philando Castille. “The song is a celebration of life, but not my own,” Blitz says. “It’s to celebrate the life of those who aren’t here to do it themselves. For my friends and family who have passed unexpectedly, and all the people who have died unjustly at the hands of the police or others who had no regard for life. Tomorrow isn’t promised… but as long as i’m still here not only will the dead not be forgotten, but I’ll seize the day in their honor, as their ‘proxy’.”


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