First Day Feature: Clouds and Crayons shows creativity with their #Love16 campaign

It goes without saying at this point that the consumption of music has changed vastly in the past few years. The digital age in which we live in makes the tools for which an artist can use to separate themselves from others endless. Every year we see people coming up with more creative ways to reach an audience and 2017 has been no different.

Even in the indie scene you can find plenty of people pushing the boundaries. As far as the landscape in my home state of Mississippi a prime example of that is Clouds and Crayons. The electro-soul duo comprised of vocalist Astin Rocks and producer Loki Antiphony has taken the social media addiction we all have and ran with it. They are currently in the midst of releasing their #Love16 visual album, a concept that sees them drop one music video each 16th day of the month.

The first entry of the series has the band kicking things off with a literal smash on “Dangerous Crush”. The song delves into a situation I’m sure we’ve all been in where we choose to pursue a person we know isn’t necessarily the most compatible for us. Lust is a strong feeling though, so we continue forth into the danger zone.

The video features Astin in full bad-ass mode jogging the memory of the popular “The Walking Dead” character Michonne. With a mallet in hand she defeats her nemesis one-by-one in symbolism of the red flags the incomparable partner has given her. First being the “Innocent request from an old friend”, second being the “Tales from his ‘bro'”, third “Her. Again.” (because of course there is competition). It all culminates with Astin reaching a crossroad in which she has a conversation with a familiar face – herself.

In the end she is left with nothing but the revelation that she has been neglecting all the signs. The metaphorical battles lead her to a point of self realization that many of us can go through yet still ignore. Sometimes we put ourselves in a place we don’t need to be willingly and that’s the whole point here. I really admire the band as a whole for bringing this point to light in the visual.

This is the second strong visual from Clouds and Crayons this year with “Never Make Love” being the first, but it surely won’t be the last. On November 16th we will get the visual for “Ladonna” which stars yet another of Mississippi’s musical risers in Krystal Gem. If what we have seen up until now is any indication than it’ll be a very entertaining piece.

We applaud anyone looking to push the boundaries at 1DF and the #Love16 album is doing just that. Be on the lookout for each entry as they come and more in the future from Clouds and Crayons. They can be found on social media via the links below.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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