New Evoca-pop™ Single From Los Angeles Singer/songwriter R E L

Meet R E L.  A Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who radiates emotion, embodying what she calls ​EVOCA-​POP™, etymologically derived from “evocative” and “pop”. Conceiving a sound unique to her own, R E L has been described by music tastemakers as a stunning fusion of indie dream pop, alternative ​R&B and electro soul and boy are they right! Her new single, entitled “Consciousness” has just been released via Huffington Post and it’s a must-hear!
R E L’s music to date has garnered over one million Spotify streams, hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and has received critical acclaim, being featured in such notable media outlets including MTV Iggy, Hillydilly, Huffington Post and Wonderland Magazine, to name a few. With the success of her debut EP, the singer-songwriter has headlined and performed at high profile venues and industry showcases throughout Los Angeles.
R E L looks forward to the next chapter of her musical endeavor, releasing new music for a three-part visual album, entitled EVOCA-POP™. Upcoming single ‘Consciousness’, which is a collaboration with Robot Koch, is inspired by the discovery of self-awakening. R E L defines consciousness as “eyes open, ears open, heart opens, in which one can move through a clearing fog”. Sonically, ‘Consciousness’ features enriching layers of soundscapes, seductive vocals and ethereal harmonies. R E L has succeeded in creating music which encourages listeners to think and feel. “Consciousness is light, realizing it and letting it shine through”, she confides. The video for the highly anticipated single is visually dazzling and stylishly emergent, taking you deep within the singer’s creative mind.

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