Ziyaad Luceo makes some “Late Night Calls” on debut EP

Toronto’s rising R&B vocalist, Ziyaad Luceō, releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Late Night Calls’. After a year of releasing quality singles, the emerging artist gives his fan-base a 7-track project with production from Sonder, Sango, Break, Kaelyn, Haan808, Khadisma, and Nehzuil. Sonically and instrumentally, this EP is unique and performed with precision. Every beginning and end is planned to create a fluent listening experience. Lyrically, Ziyaad is able to paint a clear image of the topic at hand. Attached to resonating emotion to make the record heartfelt and genuine. “Late Night Calls” is filled with a large range of sounds and fluent rhythms/flows. A short but deep love story where both protagonists are intertwined but have very conflicting personalities. From start to finish, the listener will take a trip through an intimate period of Ziyaad’s life.

Upon Download of “Late Night Calls” the listener will receive a digital booklet with lyrics, photography, videos and credits.


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