1stDayFresh interview: Godz Chyld


Bronx, New York emcee Godz Chyld presents “Heavens”, his new collaboration with Dutch producer Jordan River Banks. “Heavens” is the second single from Godz Chyld and Jordan’s collaboration EP Forever. “Godz Chyld and I linked up through Soundcloud,” says Jordan. “Seeing how he has the complete package as an MC and I’m always open for new collaborations, I beamed some beats his way. From the first track on he was eager and killed everything he jumped on. Through the great medium of the internet we just went back and forth. Here’s what we came up with!” Godz Chyld says “The track came about when Jordan River Banks sent me the beat and it sounded crazy, I wanted to come at it different because the beat sounded abstract so I wrote in a darker and deep style and brought the concept out about what I see the heavens as, wh ich is more of a state of mind.” Click here to listen to the Forever EP on Bandcamp.

You’re a very prolific emcee. Do you approach each release with a plan and a theme? Or do you just put together a bunch of songs you like and release them?

Every one of my projects has a concept and it’s based on exactly where I am in my life at that moment. I’m a real artist which means I take what I see in my life it goes through my process and by the time it comes back out it’s art, so the answer to that question is I do both because the theme is where I am in my life at that time but by the time it’s done it’s a bunch of hot songs, only thing left to do is put them together.

What’s your writing process? Do you collect thoughts and lines then organize? Or do you just sit down and write a rhyme from front to back?

My process is I just speak over the music. It’s nothing too calculated… it’s natural and it’s spiritual. I have a soul and unlike most people I’m intune with mine and I’m able to let mine speak. When I rhyme, it’s not as much mental as it is spiritual. So what I do is let my soul speak because that comes straight from God and I figure he can come up with better concepts than I can. Also I don’t write so it’s really what chooses to reveal itself at that time, I try to speak from a subconscious level when I rhyme and the rhymes come easily. I’ve been doing this so long that it’s not a struggle to find words that rhyme. I’m just having a conversation over a beat.

What’s your writing process? Do you collect thoughts and lines then organize? Or do you just sit down and write a rhyme from front to back? What’s the longest a song every took you and why?

The longest it ever took me was a few days because I kept going back and changing words trying to change my voice and energy on certain lines. The shortest it took me is maybe an hour or something. It usually takes me a couple hours to get through a song.

What do you plan to do differently in your career in 2018?

I plan to improve my music as I go deeper with it. What I hope happens differently is that more people hear it. It’s a shame that upcoming talent these days doesn’t get promoted by many blogs. It’s just whatever brings clicks no matter how ignorant or foolish it may be. But I’ll keep pushing and keep putting out classic material even though I already got a few classics. Peace!


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