First Day Feature: Linette King continues her ascension as an author

One of the many joys I’ve found in life is watching the progression of someone who deserves it. When you truly know and understand how badly someone wants to succeed you can’t help but root for them. It’s almost as if when they accomplish a goal you do as well when you fully support someone. That’s certainly been the case for me with the one and only Linette King.

The budding author was covered on our website just over a year ago and she has only progressed since then. Not only has she added to her ever-expanding collection of books but she has branched out to diversify her writing style. In addition to the romance novels she began with you can now find more variety like horror stories if that’s your thing. Beyond that she accomplished a big goal of hers of making writing a full time career, leaving the workforce behind to devote herself fully to crafting her popular books.

With Linette’s two year anniversary passing recently we thought it would be a fine time to catch back up with the talented young lady. To find out about the changes in her life and more just follow our dialogue below.

It’s been over a year since we last spoke. What have been some of the biggest changes for you over the time passed?

Well for starters I am a full time writer now. I quit my job in March of this year to give writing my all. I’ve had to learn how to manage my time fairly quickly because it’s so easy to get off course when you have so much time on your hands. I’ve also learned the importance of giving my craft my all because the survival of myself and my three children depends solely on my work ethic.

I want to tell you congratulations on accomplishing the goal of quitting your day job to focus on writing full time. Although it was something I’m sure you planned to do for a while did you have any reservations about plunging in fully?

Growing up we are taught how to fill out applications to work for someone else instead of being taught about working for ourselves or building a business credit and things of that nature, so yes at first I was terrified. All I knew was to go to work. I’d been working since I was old enough to work legally so I was afraid that I would step out of my comfort zone and fail. Then I remembered that for me, failure is not an option and as long as I give every part of my craft my all, there’s no way that I’ll fail. I have to concentrate on my writing, I have to set goals that challenges the person that I am to help me grow continuously, I have to make sure that I market, market and when I’ve marketed all that I can market, market some more.

Have you studied anyone else’s market schemes to develop your own tactics or is it more trial and error to see what works for you fanbase?

My publisher is a hands on publisher. He pretty much tells me how to market and then also how to improve my marketing skills.

How much different has the writing process become for you since the last time we talked? Would you consider it a good change or a bad one?

My writing has grown tremendously and it’s great, but at the same time it has me wanting to rewrite the books that I wrote when I first started. The only reason that I haven’t is because I can go back and read my work and see how far I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned.

You have quite a few series that you write and some which have ended at this point. You said you couldn’t pick one out as your favorite previously but I’m interested to know if that has changed as storylines have continued? Do you have a special part for a particular book series of yours?

If I have to choose a favorite series it would have to be my “She Used to be the Sweetest Girl” series. It really shows how life can change you as a person and create a whole new person.

What about “The Sweetest Girl” do you think you may have done differently from the other stories you wrote for it to have such an effect?

I put more of a struggle into that book and a lot of people could relate. The households these days are filled with just mother and children leaving us to wonder where the father is so often that people immediately felt sorry for Nichole. Then I gave the reader a chance to grow with her as life changed her.

Of all of your characters you’ve come up with which do you feel is the closest representation of who you are and why?

This is a really good question that I honestly can’t answer. There is a piece of me in every book that I write whether it’s a meal that the character loves to eat or a thought that one of the characters have.

How has your role as a mother changed for the better do to your progression as a writer? From my experience those things can often go hand and hand.

Writing has taught me how to have more patience as the story unfolds in my head. My patience level was as close to zero as it could get before I started writing. It also helps clear my head so I’m not frustrated that often so the kids and I have way more fun than we use to.

In what ways do you find that your writing has improved and changed over the course of time? They say practice makes perfect and although you were always good I’m sure you’ve learned new tactics and approaches.

One thing that I’ve learned that definitely stands out to me is pacing myself throughout the whole book. Sometimes I get excited and can’t wait to get to the “good” part of the book and end up rushing through it. Now, I take my time writing all the way through and even though it takes longer to write the wait is well worth it.

Over the past year you’ve began to branch out into other genres of storytelling. How do you think the transition has been in expanding your style as an author?

Writing in other genres has basically forced me to think more open mindedly if that makes sense to you. I have to be willing to believe even if just for a second in order to make the story as realistic as possible. It’s definitely harder to write horror but I love the challenge.

What are some of things you have in your vision as goals for the near future and what are you doing to ensure you reach them?

The goals that I’ve set so far are all personal goals. I’m still trying to better myself as a person, a mother and a woman. I’ve been working on my credit and my kids are ready to buy a house. Those two things are very important to me. I feel like when I’m where I think I should be in my life then I can show others how to get to that point in theirs if not further.

What has been the highlight of your 2017 and why?

My trip to Mexico with some of my best friends because we often go through life worried about getting through today just to get through tomorrow. It’s like we spend our whole lives trying to survive and that’s what my friends and I have been doing. That trip to Mexico was the first trip of many to show that we are done with just surviving. We are done simply existing. It’s time to live.

In terms of the city there seems to be quite a few young entrepreneurs and people living their dreams. That being said who would you consider to be a peer who influences you and what about them does it?

Two of them are really close friends of mine, Zai and Ebony. I’ve known them what seems like my whole life so I know the cards they were dealt yet they still win. Their determination to make it pushes me to keep going because I can’t expect them to keep going if I stop.I see greatness in each one of my friends along with many other people from the coast. If we support each other, we can all make it out so Willie, don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing! You’re well on your way of being the voice that we will need. Zai, keep styling, keep those businesses going and watch it all grow right before your eyes. Ebony is a jack of all trades, keep pushing forward and you’re going to take off like a rocket. Christiana, I don’t know what you don’t sell girl, you are like a portable walmart. We have some great talented people right here on the coast so JT Nicholson, Champ, Drewski, Brick Funded Ent., AGO Promotions, BHG, Reggie with the Hotboy/Hotgirl apparel, Ledarius with the Black Role Model, Cedric and Alexis with the photography, makeup and restaurant, Maya and Trina with the sweets, Smack and Butta with the amazing night lounge Luxury nights, Eric Barnes with Trendsetters; keep going! … There are so many people here who are just great! I want everybody to win!

On a less serious note what are 3 little known facts about you that most people wouldn’t know.

I love quotes.
Listening to music while I write helps the flow of my writing.
I’m more comfortable alone than with others.

Is there anything else you would like to share before we conclude?

I have a new standalone about to be released titled Death before dishonor and it’s definitely my best work yet. I just want everyone to be on the lookout for it.

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