Breakout Duo Olive + Harrison on Artistry, Influences and the Industry

Breakout Duo Olive Handler and Harrison Forbes Schneider, better known as Olive + Harrison, joined forces together releasing an exciting new single “Can’t Communicate” alongside directing the artistic video themselves showcasing all the frustrations and feelings that come with being unable to communicate in addition to memories that represent all good moments.

Both born and raised in New York, working hard to rise above and take ownership of their work, the duo recently spoke with 1st day Fresh to talk about their experiences as continuing artists in the music industry.

What sets you apart from others? Is there anything that makes your music style unique?

Everything. If you listen to our music or keep up with what we’ll be releasing in the future you’ll see that in what we do and who we are, we hold our own.

Any current major music influencers that you admire? Have you or do you hope to collaborate with them?

We’d really like to collaborate with Marilyn Manson. It just seems like he doesn’t follow a format. We’ve always looked up to him for how much he changed music and basically opened up his own lane for people that didn’t have a voice. One of the biggest reasons we want to work with him one day is cause we both don’t follow what’s going on right now. The ” current ” music made specifically for targeting radio play and pandering to different demographics. It would be really cool to see what a song collaborating with him would sound link. We hope to one day get to!

What do you want people to take from listening to your music?

That you can be multi-dimensional and you’re allowed to feel and that you should never feel ashamed for embracing who you are. As we release more music, people are going to start to realize that not one song is within the same style as our last. We aren’t making music to fit a genre, we make music based off of our real life experiences and what we’re feeling as we sort through our emotions and deal with obstacles. We aren’t here to pump out music that fits into a category perfectly so that people get what we’re about. We’re here to make honest music with no filter or hesitation. We hope people who hear our music and watch our videos can relate and embrace the change within themselves as we change and grow as well.  We are all constantly changing and society does this strange thing to people who experiment and explore themselves and the world they’re in where it says ” no, this isn’t you, cause you can’t be this and that. You’re meant to think this and follow this and feel like this.” You have got to challenge that and walk over and past it. I hope people who listen to our music realize you can be everything all at once and that change starts when you make it.

As an artist, how important is it to be yourself and stay original in an industry that is so competitive?

You’ve just got to be you and then original  comes with that. Competition only exists if you see the business that way. We really don’t see others as competition, but not because we’re cocky, just because it doesn’t matter what other people are doing or how far others are in comparison to you. What matters is your journey and that you enjoy every step of the way. If you start comparing your progress and success to someone else’s,you’re done. They’re unrelated. Everyone’s path is different.

What was the toughest obstacle you’ve faced in the music industry/ scene? What have you learned from overcoming this obstacle?

We had a lot of people hear the music and then say, ” come to us when your numbers are up ” or ” it’s great but we don’t know what to do with it, it’s just so different” and we  had to remind ourselves constantly to keep pushing forward. Those same people ended up coming back around when they saw things starting to pick up.

How important is it to you to build relationships with others in the music industry, from artists to record labels and producers or executives?

Relationships are everything in any business you’re in. It’s really important to be on the same page with everyone you work with.

What led you to choose a career path in the music industry?

Music has always been a huge part of who we are. It’s not really something you have a choice over. You either do what you love or you compromise your happiness. We both weren’t willing to spend our lives doing something other than what makes us happy.

Do you ever feel any pressure being in the spotlight constantly? 

Yes, but this is what we signed up for.

Being an artist and having a career in the music scene, what is something that you’ve discovered or learned about yourself in the process?

The three biggest would be things we’ve learned would be 1. How to have patience and understanding when things don’t go according to plan 2. That it’s okay to be assertive, and 3. Not to feel bad about only wanting to work with motivated and kind people. The people you work with have a large impact on what you do. The right team is everything and you don’t have to feel bad about only surrounding yourself with people who you want the best for and who also want the best for you. Don’t compromise.



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