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An upcoming new year means upcoming refreshing new talent. This Re-Fresh Friday highlights Dee-1 New Orleans born rapper! Dee-1 recently came to Jackson, Mississippi and left us blessed, motivated and inspired.

If you don’t know about Dee-1, he is a very talented rapper who creates uplifting/storytelling lyrics and has such wonderful positive messages. He rides the beat so well without any cussing and demeaning lyrics. I have become of Dee-1 not just because of his music but, because of his character. It says a lot when an artist comes to Jackson, Mississippi to simply speak with his fans and just have a good time- for FREE I might add. Dee-1 is one of those rappers who is trying to uplift communities and leave the world better than when he came in, truly on the path to a legacy.

In addition, his freestyle flows are definitely something you don’t want to miss. Check out my fav here. He freestyles, ACTUALLY freestyles, and does so, with no cussing, no derogatory lyrics, and fluctuating BPMs. This-is-a-skill! Dee-1 truly sets himself apart by going back to basics, back to the origins of rap! He is for uplifting communities through positive imagery. A great example of this skill is Hood Villians, you can click here and take a listen, as always… I’ll wait.

During the meet and greet Dee-1 had in Jackson, he explained that Hood Villians was a song really close to him. He wanted to make sure that he never left the hood feeling like he was doing more harm than good. He saw a lot of rappers leave their respective hoods, make it rich, and stay away. Dee-1 elaborated by saying (and I paraphrase) he doesn’t want to be a so big that he can’t actually meet his fans and say hello and thank them for their support. He really likes to be up close, and hands on. After listening to Dee-1 describe the content of the song I listened again with fresh ears and really became an even bigger fan.

Dee-1 really has a way with words. He has sculpted his craft and has made sure to steer clear of ANYTHING that DOESN’T represent him or his character. I found that very endearing. A lot of artists once signed to a major label like RCA might feel tempted to give in to every demand of the label and possible sell a bit of morality just to make a buck. Dee-1 has avoided a lot of morality issues and has stayed true to the music he wants to create. He stated (paraphrasing): of course, I needed to compromise so, some songs are different than originally recorded. They wanted me to work with their producers or add in some other verses or hooks but, the music remains the same, the content remains the same, I can’t compromise that. That really says a lot that an artist understands that compromise is needed but, what makes you-you should NEVER change!

Now if you are reading this far, I hope to have sparked your interest and hopefully, you become a Dee-1 fan as well, but if not no worries, share this article link and bless somebody else with some good music! I’m declaring Dee-1 one of the Re-Freshing artist for 2018! Motivational music with Dee-1! If you’d like to see him live… which I HIGHLY recommend click the link below and find out when he’s in a city near YOU. The tour kicks off January 12th in Houston, TX at the House of Blues. You will not be disappointed, take a look, buy a ticket, go to the venue, enjoy a life-changing show- simple as that!



Keep it fresh yall!


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