Jo’De Boy drops an album rooted in growth with “8: New Beginnings”

Jo’De Boy is a name that has been here for a while now, but it seems as though it has never been more prevalent in the region than it is right now. His “Faithful Friday” series was a creative approach as the Jackson, MS-based artist treated us to new music each week along with an accompanying visual. The buzz he has crafted for himself culminates today with the release of his full length album “8: New Beginnings”.

“8” represents New Beginnings which means from my perspective means GROWTH. I’m storytelling and admitting my wrongs and showing when you change your mindset you’ll see the outcome from doing that. It’s like you start a New Life because the old you is gone. The peace and confidence you’ve received that puts you on this clear vision showing you have a new path of this fresh start! – Jo’De Boy

Over the course of the 18 track song list we get to understand Jo’De better as he gives us tunes based on failure, successes, religion, faith and love. Amanda Furdge adds narration which is a great touch because not only is she awesome at what she does, but furthermore it helps to make the music have more meaning being that it puts you in the proper mood for each track that follows. I highly urge that everyone peep this one, not an album you want to skip! Check it  out below as well as his short film “Lost Chapters” that was released in support of the project.

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