Eyezic links with King Jeorge for “Love Is A Dream”

Another offering from Eyezic, quickly after the release of his last project O.M.I.D, except this time around, the product is something yet to ever be showcased by the young musician. The song is a completely original composition from the first note to the final chord, all curated by King Jeorge, the artist featuring on the track. Eyezic and Jeorge are a unique pairing musically, the fact that there is 25+ years in age difference and the chemistry is this apparent with only just a year of working with each other, leaves us wondering what they’re going to offer next. Eyezic is set to release an album on Valentine’s Day and this is set to be the lead single. Love Is A Dream was written by Eyezic, Produced by King Jeorge, and is available on Bandcamp and all other streaming outlets. Other than that, there will be a strong attempt to release more visuals up until Spring and you can expect more music by then. In the meantime check in on Eyezix website here and there @ http://www.ftyinc.ca for any other new and exciting updates or merchandise.


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