Obie Iyoha uses Nigeria for inspiration on “Karats”

Inspired by a recent trip to Nigeria, Michigan rapper Obie Iyoha shares his brand new afrobeats-infused single “Karats,” premiered 2/8/2018 by Billboard.

“‘Can a N*gga live, get it how you live’ are the first words you hear and that’s because this song is one of personal growth for myself in becoming a mouthpiece for my boys back home in Edo State Nigeria. I’ve recently had family deported for all sorts of reasons, back to harsher living conditions just trying to survive, so I was really talking to my bro on this one. I personally hit a low point in 2016, so my older brother and I traveled back to Nigeria where I got to reconnect with myself in the broader sense of who I truly am. – Obie Iyoha

“Karats” serves as the lead single from Obie’s forthcoming sophomore album, Pink Moon.

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