Eyezic returns with a new, melodic project “<3"

Eyezic returns yet again providing a whole new set of feels just in time for valentine’s day. Coming off his recent release of O.M.I.D, this project’s sound is in an area Eyezic hasn’t showcased too much of. Lazy melodies, catchy hooks, and intimate story-telling is what makes this project come to life. With it only running a quick 23 minutes, you can damn near play the entire project while you try to make yourself last an extra 15 minutes for your Valentine’s Special, haha. “<3” Isn’t the conventional album title, but it’s fitting for a non conventional artist. King Jeorge is the only feature on the project with a self produced Soul/R&B/Indie/Folk cut titled “Love Is A Dream”. You can stream the album on all your favorite streaming platforms and also purchase on Amazon, and bandcamp. Stay on the look for visuals to come and check out http://www.fortheyouth.ca to order some of Eyezic’s merch and see what he’s up to next or follow him on social media @eyezzzic.


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