Stream Æves new EP “Desire”

Alternative pop duo Æves are back with the release of their brand new EP “Desire”. The six track collection, featuring the previously released single “Loaded Love,” contains a combination of stripped down acoustic versions and their originally-recorded counterparts, as well as one remix. The newest single of the bunch, the electronically-tinged “Wild Hearts,” will have its corresponding music video released on 2/26/18. The duo, comprised of Molly O’Malley and Matthew Adam, successfully marry together elements of both alternative rock and electronic pop on “Desire,” creating a light, yet enthralling sound. About the growth of Æves, lead vocalist Molly states:

“When we first started this project, I didn’t think we’d expand this much on it. I figured we’d just write some songs together and use it as an outlet. But people seemed to actually like what we were doing, and it blew my mind. I will never, ever take the fact that anyone takes the limited time they have out of their day to listen to our music, and nonetheless support us. It really means so much.”

When longtime friends Matthew Adam and Molly O’Malley formed Æves in January of 2015, it was out of a fever dream. Drawing inspiration from contradicting local music scenes, the duo out of Louisville, KY found the solution in collaborating with each other. With the help by mentor, friend, and late local hero Bryan Puckett, Æves released their EP Ignite in June of 2016. After taking some time to hone their craft and evolve their sound, they flew out to Los Angeles to work with Marc Walloch, (Company of Thieves and AWOLNATION) returning with several completed songs and a more focused sense of ambition. Their new EP “Desire” marries the political rhetoric of punk rock with the vibrance of pop-electronic, creating a sound that is as invigorating as it is luminescent. In light of all the darkness shaping music and the world as a whole, Æves is paving a way for a future that is colorful and bright. “Desire” is out NOW.

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