First Day Feature: MrE talks “Fairy Tale” video and more

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Bronx, New York emcee MrE presents the video for “Fairy Tale”, directed by Cody Slade of Subcat Studios. His previous work includes “Keep On” (watch) and Prodigal Son Returns (Stream on Spotify). When asked about the inspiration behind the track, MrE said, “I wanted to do a song like Love Game by Eminem ft. Kendrick Lamar. Not only is the flow of that song bananas, which goes without saying, but it had that comical, goofy feel to it. I’m also a huge fan of Once Upon a Time, a show rappers have no business watching yet I do. That show’s like bedtime stories meet Maury. Damn near everybody’s related. Snow White and Prince Charming have a daughter who’s baby’s daddy is Rumpelstiltskin’s son and Peter Pan’s grandson…crazy. So, I just found myself writing not just a song but a silly story about a little boy causing trouble for all these fairy tale characters.”

What do you feel is the strongest line you’ve ever written and why?

“If you brittle, got a fiddle, I’m ‘a play it, just a little, you’s a muthafuckin’ riddle, just like Zimmerman’s acquittal…” That’s a line from the third verse of “Keep On”. I love this line not only because of the flow and structure but also because I love the opportunities I get to either say what others are saying or want to say.

“Fairy Tale” is a storytelling song. Who do you think is the greatest storyteller in hiphop and why?

No one’s done it better than Slick Rick. Votes should be unanimous amongst the whole hip hop community. He immediately paints the 4K picture when he speaks. Anyone who disagrees clearly has never heard “Children’s Story”, “Mona Lisa” or “Treat Her Like A Prostitute”

What’s a life motto you try to live by?

Expect the worst, be prepared for everything.

What are your plans for the next year?

I plan to release a whole lot of records, at least one hit, I’ll even take a sleeper hit. Do shows, tour and guest appearances on certain movies, tv shows and web series.

What are your thoughts on Trump, one year in?

I think he’s the wake up call America needed to finally realize that this country won’t be great again if we just sit down, do nothing and expect things to get better on their own. I realized this when multitudes of women, predominately black, came out to protest against senator Moore’s campaign run due to his sexual misconduct towards minors, causing his defeat. When I read this, I thought to myself “You see? We all could’ve come out and protested against him [Trump] during the presidential campaign, just like these amazing women did, against Moore.” Instead we all assumed he was done as a result of his “grab them [women] by the…” comment. I’ve always said “assumptions are deadly.” We probably still will do nothing even though he called us minorities “shitholes”.


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