Elaquent urges you to “Celebrate Life!” on newly-released EP

Multi-talented producer and beatmaker Elaquent kicks off 2018 with his latest EP, Celebrate Life! The six-track release available through URBNET, was born out of reflection and graciousness. “Life sucks sometimes. With all the depressing things that happen throughout the world, to people you know, to yourself even, it’s important to take a moment and appreciate the beautiful things the world has to offer, to prevent yourself from going crazy. Stay positive, celebrate life”. After racking up production credits with innovative and noteworthy hip hop and future soul musicians including Iman Omari, allie, Marv Won, and Mr. Brady among many others, Celebrate Life! features Elaquent collaborating with more notable forward-thinking musicans and producers like K, Le Maestro and Dibiase. To celebrate this new project, Elaquent also released an animated video for the song “Black” featuring K, Le Maestro.

Following up on his 2016 album, Worst Case Scenario, which captured a catalogue of experiences and feelings across time zones, this time around Elaquent created a reflective sound weaving themes of travel and personal growth into the core of his music, boasting his talent not only as a beat maker and producer, but as an artist, conscious of his own self, peers, and strangers alike. Celebrate Life! consistently hits the bittersweet mark of self-reflection perfectly, reminding us all that we’re here for a good time, not a long time.


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