DBM delivers his latest single “Slow Money”

DBM a.k.a. Dane The Beautiful Monster makes it a point to rap about the modern man’s hustle in his new single, “Slow Money” which debuted on Ghettoblaster Magazine. “Slow Money” is the first single off DBM’s forthcoming album From Ashes Rose A King (#FARAK).

“Slow Money” is a blue collar hip-hop anthem. The Youseesounds produced single highlights DBM’s commitment to achieving his goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur and respected lyricist within the rap game. When asked about the song DBM said, “If there were a cult for entrepreneurs that were focused solely on their dreams coming true, this would be the song they chant before drinking Crow’s blood. [It is a] melodic look into the suffering of a man that refuses to let his dreams go.”

“Homie I done gave my life to this/ Pin me up on a cross like Christ for this/ I got the rent money in the alleyway rolling dice for this/ Never been afraid to get trife for this, damn near lost my wife for this/ Saw the receipts for my promo and got awfully pissed.” DBM pulls no punches with “Slow Money.” The track is candid and details the constant sacrifices he’s made in pursuit of his dreams. Listeners will be impressed by his discipline and determination. He raps, “People signed up for my team and went missing/ Cuz the work I do to be king it don’t glisten.” DBM proves that he’s no slacker in life or on the microphone with “Slow Money.”

Ghettoblaster Magazine debuted the track and wrote, “DBM is a long-standing indie emcee who has a true gift as a wordsmith.” “Slow Money” exemplifies his mastery of the art of rap. Youseesounds’ smooth, mellow beat allows listeners to digest each lyric. The song is a preface to greater things to come from his musical repertoire.

“Slow Money” is available now on SoundCloud. DBM’s forthcoming album From Ashes Rose A King is scheduled to release later this year. For more information about “Slow Money” and DBM please refer to the social media links below.


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