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First Day Feature: Brian Daniel

Beacon, NY singer, rapper and songwriter Brian Daniel recently released his debut EP Be. The project features “Waitin’ On It” (stream), the official single, produced by Lowso. Be also features production from Jusamelody, Pace-O Beats and Ambiance Beats, who has produced for Fat Joe and Ace Hood (stream “Swirling”). Brian Daniel’s previous releases include his single “Honor Roll” (stream on YouTube), and “Up and Away” featuring G7 Record’s JNR (stream). Brian is the founder & CEO of Beacon Entertainment, a multi-media company and record label. He’s recorded and engineered the majority of this EP himself. When asked about the motivation behind his project, Brian said, “I like to think I’ve mastered trust in myself and in the Divine, knowing everything in my life is unfolding for the highest good. I’m aware now the easiest way to live a fulfilled life is to let go, live in the moment and simply be.”

What inspired your decision to take such a melodic r&b approach to your vocals in an era where rapping is so predominant?

I’m a sucker for love and feel like R&B is in my blood.. to me, if there’s one genre that is music in it’s purest form, it’s R&B. Since I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to R&B and decided early in my career to have that be the backbone of my sound.

What do you think surprises listeners the most about you?

My balance of R&B and rapping. I started my career as a rapper and take that side of my music very seriously. But what I pride myself on is being the best artist blending R&B & Hip-Hop. I’ve learned that in everything, specifically music, if you have the support of women, you have a great chance of being successful.. and I think I’m doing a real great job at that so far.

How did you get your start in music?

Around 13, me and a close friend decided to start making music publicly. That and being surrounded by a whole team of talented artists in my hometown solidified that decision.

How did you hook up with Jusamelody, Pace-O Beats and Ambiance Beats?

Jusamelody and Pace-O Beats I came across online and we got to work from there. And Ambiance Beats, that’s a great friend of mine. He’s got an incredible sound coming out of FL and i’m excited to release more of this music him and I have been working on.

What’s your favorite album of all time and why?

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick. Everything about that album is flawless; the track selections, the features, the production and most importantly the sequencing.. that’s something I take very seriously when it comes to my projects and i’ll always reference GKMC as the best example of having an entire album sound like one song.

“Waitin’ On It” on YouTube | Apple Music/iTunes
[@iambriandaniel] | Instagram | Facebook | iambriandaniel.com | Beaconent.co
Twitter [@JusaMelody] | Twitter [@__lowso]


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