Lunchbagg & Larry Ohh – Take 2

This latest cut from rapper / producer Lunchbagg comes in the form of a dynamic and electrifying song titled “Take 2”

The song features additional production from Larry Ohh. The verses, with their chill choirs and light bells, contrast starkly against the epic crescendo of the choruses. The song introduces a punk rocker spirit that comes alive and takes over the mid range as Lunchbagg grabs his listener’s ears with punchlines and imagery that paints a picture of late night rebellion. The song does not follow a typical format, a conscious effort of the artists and synth leads created from vocal chops lead you through a truly impressive attempt from the emerging artist.

Lunchbaggs’ start in music was through working at a recording studio as a ghost writer. Through this opportunity, he met several prominent famous Soul singers including Jeffrey Osborne & Smokee Robinson. Attracted to the raw energy of Punk bands, Lunchbagg played mostly as a drummer and vocalist, but never performed outside of punk house basements. Rap came as an easy transition, transferring the raw energy of punk into the militant styles of early influencers like Wu-Tang Clan & Rakim; the young writer began his first efforts as a rapper and producer combination.

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