IAKO brings his latest single “Queen of Balance”

Ask anyone where ‘Queen of Balance’ fits in a musician’s oeuvre and they’d probably tell you it arrives with peak artistic maturity. It’s something of a wonder then that this is IAKO’s debut single. Big, bold, and opulent, it calls to mind the classic lovelorn balladeers of yesteryear. With IAKO’s tender vocal piercing through the mix like a sunbeam through clouds, ‘Queen Of Balance’ is a masterclass in dynamic songwriting and production. For the 22-year-old London based Venetian songwriter, it’s a poignant reflection on his transition between the two cities, cutting to the heart of that vulnerable state of mind which emerges from such an upheaval. A curious amalgamation of baroque piano arrangements and intimate vocals, ‘Queen of Balance’ is as transparent and sensitive as the singer-songwriter himself. Self-produced at the exotic Starlight Studios in Naples, and mastered by world class engineer Pete Maher in London, ‘Queen Of Balance’ is the first taste and title track of IAKO’s bold new EP.


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