Atlanta rapper SWIGS MCLANE drops new single, ‘My City’


Atlanta rapper/visual artist Swigs McLane presents “My City”, the new single from his forthcoming debut solo EP Elevated Mindstate. Produced by illest Beat Maker, “My City” features guest appearances from OG Cutty as well as Lousy Brown, who comprises the other half of Super Lario Bros. alongside Swigs (stream “It’s A Long Story” on Soundcloud). Elevated Mindstate will also feature an appearance from Ghostnotes as well as production by Dopeboi, 5AM, Quiet Earp and TheSoulSunBeats. “This project is true to me,” said Swigs. “I grew up on the South Side of Atlanta in College Park. I want my music to speak to the sights, sounds and feel of what I grew up around. This EP is an authentic expression of what that represents.” Elevated Mindstate drops 4/20.


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