NFA Gwanie serves up “Hate On You”


Rapper NFA Gwanie also known as Tyrone Whitt born March 17 1999 was born and raised in Atlanta GA. He started taking an interest in music at the age of 6. He wanted to be the one making the songs. When he was 9 a group named the Rich Kidz came out. Thats when NFA Gwanie realized what he wanted to be in life. At the age 11 NFA Gwanie started using the skills from his favorite artists (T-Pain, The rich kidz, the dream) and developed an autotune singing voice .When he turned 14, NFA Gwanie got kicked out and was in an out of jail. He violated his probation by leaving the house while on house arrest, That caused NFA Gwanie to sit down in jail for a year in a half, there he started to really get in tune with his music an started writing. After being released Gwanie got a labtop, mic and began recording as (Ty6ino). His home boy started recording at a studio an asked him to get on a song with him. For his latest release, NFA Gwanie delivers “Hate On You” — a smooth, effortless track that provides a tropical vibe while catering the ladies.


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