Ishani comes with latest single titled “Insomnia”

Insomnia is a vital and heady show of solidarity with victims of sleeplessness. Like the beginnings of sleep-deprived psychosis, a menacing and glitchy laugh taunts the listener before the new-age trip hop beat drops. It’s an ambient and cinematic lullaby to all the insomniacs whose dusk introspections have taken a psychic turn for the worst. Carefully interwoven acoustic and electronic elements make this a resplendent show of futurism as Ishani’s searing vocals call to mind the effortless melodics of Grimes. Infectiously hard to pin down, ‘Insomnia’ moves through electro pop motifs and huge walls of rock and roll guitar as it builds to its mesmerising climax. As the tumbledown guitar lines collapse away the song loops back to its beginning and Ishani coos the repeated mantra “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” a sinister reminder of the self-circumscribed hell of the sufferer. Ishani is a thrilling new voice for a generation unafraid to be open about its problems. With her canny ear for a catchy tune she’ll be soundtracking many of our long nights yet.


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