Casket releases his new “Revelations” video

For the 2nd visual off Casket’s acclaimed album ‘Southie: Stories of Untold Truths Hidden In Existence’ he teams up with StoopsNYC to bring to life “Revelations”. Even something as simple as a neighborhood trip to the bodega he’s bombarded with inescapable social issues that are plaguing us in society today. From police brutality to gang violence, to his own political observation and commentary with bars like “a split second away from Trump pushin the war button, to cope like a blunt or decide to pour something” as well as “I put no faith in these politicians they frauds from Reagan up to Obama’s lies, still never blame them for any time I was coppin pies..” although faced with these underlying issues his message remains the same, to look in the mirror and lead by action and example becoming what you wish to see in this world and that is evident and reiterated with a hook that’s feels like a Pastor on a hard snare calling out his congregation with conviction and sauce stating “change will never come, if we keep blaming everyone, for all of our short comings, I’m smart enough to know, homie the Lord’s coming…”


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