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First Day Feature: Davante Liv3 talks new “XCII” EP, life in the 90’s and more

While I personally feel that each decade and time period has it’s own importance to the culture as we know it, if you ask most folks they would quickly tell you the 90’s was special. It was a time of liberation as we saw barriers break down in film, television and of course music. Even still some of the icons of the 1990’s like Biggie and Tupac still reign as figures at the top of the Hip-Hop food chain. This is the same in other forms of pop culture with shows like The Fresh Prince and Martin still getting regular play on a daily basis.

New Orleans-born MC Davante Liv3 is just one of the many affected by the time period and he made it known with his latest EP “XCII”. On it we get to see the lyricist craft songs inspired directly by the happenings of the decade and how they have influenced the way he operates today. The project is impressive from start to finish, with Liv3 showcasing a versatility to his music that not many may have known the artist possesses prior to listening. As “XCII” continues to make it’s rounds we sat with him to discuss the project, find out more about his affinity for the 1990’s and more.

To start things, give us an introduction of who you are for anyone who may not know already.

I’m Davante Liv3, an artist & songwriter from New Orleans that has an enormous amount of love for MS.

You just dropped your “XCII” EP which is notable for it’s heavy influence of the 1990’s. That’s a time period that many recognize as the best for music, sports and pop culture in general. Why do you think it resonates so well with everyone else and why is it important to you?

The 90s era was just dope to me period. From my favorite basketball player to my favorite movies. That time period had a huge impact on my life I feel like others feel the same way even if they didn’t notice that before.

So with that in mind, I would like to ask you a few questions about the 90’s. First is what are your top albums from the era in any genre?

Fuck that’s tough lol. No order I’ll have to go with 400 Degreez, Illmatic, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and All Eyez On Me … I felt like I left so much out tho Blueprint, Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood and Ready to Die. Cmon bro them albums going to last forever.

Videos were a bigger part of the culture then, what is your favorite music video from the 90’s?

Damn that’s a good ass question lol. Prolly Hypnotize by Biggie and I still tear up when I watch I Ain’t Mad At Cha lol real shit tho.

If you could remake a song from the 90’s which would it be and why?

I only get to choose one lol? Bruh it’s so many that I connect with. Idk if I could answer that one sheesh. I’ll say this if it’s for women it will have to “Seems Like You Ready.”

What is your favorite episode of Martin? There are a bunch of classics so I’m interested to know.

Lol man it’s so many legendary episodes. I’ll prolly go with “guard your grill” the one he fought Tommy Hearns.

What is your favorite personal memory from the your life in the 1990’s?

That’s tough too lol. Prolly sneaking in my sister room listening to all her cds or playing basketball with pops.

Ok switching back to your new EP “XCII”, tell me the message you wanted to convey with the music?

That Davante Liv3 is more than just a good MC, I actually make good music. I think when people think of a lyricist sometime they try to box them in, with this project I wanted to make sure I separated myself.

How did you decide your features for the EP? What was it like working with Big Sant?

All the features happened organically. Everybody on the album is like family & been in my corner from the beginning so it was love. Sant funny af dude kept me laughing the whole session nothing but positive energy. That’s family tho.

Which song seems to have had the biggest impression on your fans so far? Did you expect that response?

Idk bro its been a mix honestly. The most surprising to me is Sidney Deane tho. The story behind the song is crazy lol. & yeah I knew i was going to surprise a lot people I was quiet for a min.

When did you begin crafting it all? You can tell some time was put into making such quality.

I started crafting the project early last summer and it was finished by December so I would say it took about 6 months. I learned a lot creating this album musically & personally.

What song did you have the most fun creating on “XCII”, which was the most challenging to write?

I would have to say “Here I Go”, I felt like a kid again when I was recording lol. I lost my voice doing the chorus & everything. It was kinda challenging cause I wanted to make sure the song my own but at the same time pay homage to my city & one of my favorite New Orleans artist.

What else should people be on the look out for? Any shows or visuals coming soon?

I will be putting out show dates soon so be on the lookout for that & I also have some visuals otw as well. I can’t say to much but I have some tricks up my sleeves this year lol.

What is a fact about you that most people don’t really know?

People prolly don’t know I joke all day lol. I’m so laid back that I catch people by surprise a ribbin/roasting session could break out at any time 😂. I really be on some goofy shit all day.

Any last words you want to share?

Always bet on yourself & go get that album “Xcii”.

Follow Davante Liv3 on all social media platforms @DavanteLiv3

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