Michael Jablonka shows his edge on “Flump”

Three minutes of thoroughbred rock’n’roll, ‘Flump’ displays the fierce edge to Michael Jablonka’s guitar playing, channelled via an enormous riff, one that spits, crackles and mostly surges through the Londoner’s stunning new single. Partnered with a twisting vocal line drenched in harmony and attitude, ‘Flump’ is a superb example of the fertile ground at the intersection of rock dynamics and pop melody, a place fruitfully explored by the likes of Dave Grohl, Jack White and George Thorogood.

“It was a loose idea that developed at a rehearsal in my garage,” says Jablonka of ‘Flump’, practically defining the phrase ‘from tiny acorns’ in his modesty. “For some reason the riff reminded me of the marshmallow sweet ‘Flump’.” Whatever the tune’s chewy origins, the flavourful final product is guaranteed to be as coveted as a Willy Wonka golden ticket…

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