Detroit R&B duo Ar’mon & Trey releases new single “Forever”

Detroit R&B sensation Ar’mon & Trey unveil their brand- new single, “Forever”.

The track illuminates the spark ignited by their sharp songwriting, sizzling harmonies and untouchable brotherly chemistry. Twisting up throwback flavor and infectious energy, the duo delivers an anthem you’ll most likely be singing “Forever” this summer.

A sign of big things to come, it paves the way for the upcoming arrival of their major label debut EP, Long Story Short , which lands at all digital partners on June 8, 2018. Ar’mon & Trey take this new music on the road during a North American headline tour. It kicks off at Vera Project in Seattle, WA on June 16, rolls through major markets coast to coast, stops at Essence Fest , and concludes at the Pike Room in Detroit, MI on July 29.

R&B gets a heavy dose of personality from Ar’mon & Trey . 19 and 20 –

Years – old, the brothers went from viral covers on Vine to amassing a devoted fan base spanning over 1 million followers on Instagram and 200 million – plus YouTube views for their hilarious and unforgettable videos. With swaggering soul and hip-hop attitude, 2017 saw them make major waves with a string of singles. “Drown” quickly cracked 2.9 million Spotify streams as “Breakdown” surpassed 4 million. Get ready for more surprises from the boys very soon!


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