Mr2TheP looks to confirm his status on “F*ckin Wit P”

Orange County hip hop is finally getting the spotlight and recognition it deserves with one name being cemented into the foundation of the OC hip hop scene…His name is Mr2TheP.

Coming off the heels of a joint venture Group with Famous battle rapper and troll Icon Daylyt , Mr2TheP is one of the driving forces seamlessly mixing his lifestyle with SoCal hip hop. Finding success in music and as an entrepreneur, he relocated to the island of Maui after experiencing some intense personal losses, but held on to that OC hip hop style. What comes from that pain and transition is a new body of work and a more focused approach to life and his music. What does that mean? It means nobody is “Fuckin’ Wit P.”

“Fuckin’ Wit P” is confident declaration of an artist who knows he is here to reach the top and is done playing games with the competition. The time is up for anyone claiming the throne. Mr2TheP is here for a higher purpose, with music and life.

“Fuckin’ Wit P,” produced by MVJOR and Mixed by Cameron Carter, this is only the beginning as MR2TheP prepares us for the first installment of his upcoming EP, Island Fever Produced by Darren Vegas . Until then, ain’t nobody “Fuckin’ Wit P.”



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