WOLFIE’S JUST FINE Debuts Single “Break My Back”

WOLFIE’S JUST FINE Debuts New Single & Video for “Break My Back”

New EP Perfection, Nevada Out June 22nd

Cinematic indie/alt-rock outfit Wolfie’s Just Fine is back with the first single “Break My Back,” from upcoming EP Perfection, Nevada, set to be released June 22nd. Written by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Wolfie’s Just Fine mastermind Jon Lajoie, and produced and mixed by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, First Aid Kit), the track features deep percussive elements which surround haunting yet compelling vocals. Harmonies entwine with guitars and resounding piano chords as his delivery proves immediately hypnotic on the line, “Hold me, I’m sitting on the ledge.”  PRESS HERE to watch the accompanying video, which directed by Lajoie himself, features Xander Berkely (The Walking Dead, 24, Terminator 2).

Lajoie explains, “‘Break my Back’ is vaguely about how I have a tendency to compartmentalize different aspects of myself, and the exhausting struggle for dominance that inevitably ensues. It’s not a judgment, I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing, whether it’s necessary or not… But it happens, and it’s exhausting.”

Wolfie’s Just Fine’s new EP, Perfection, Nevada (recorded entirely in Omaha at Mogis’ studio), is an exploration of Jon Lajoie’s own coming of age story-packed with references to classic nineties films, iconic grunge fashion, and synth programming. “I always knew this follow-up would thematically and sonically be channeling my early teens, and the chaos, hurricane of emotions, repression, and confusion that period represented for me,” he explains.

It picks up perfectly where its predecessor – debut album I Remembered but Then I Forgot – left off.

That album, which featured ten original songs whose inspirations range from the perils of young love to the strange ways in which B-movies and summer blockbusters can leave an imprint on our lives, was released in 2016 to critical praise.

Lajoie found success as a comedian, actor, and musician best known for his role as Taco in the FXX series The League, as well as his YouTube persona “Everyday Normal Guy.” Wolfie’s Just Fine showcases his music independent of comedy.

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