Detroit’s Jonezen delivers his “Way Home” video

Detroit-born rapper, Jonezen has premiered a powerful video for his single “Way Home”. A metaphor for finding yourself, the lyrics for “Way Home” touch on Jonezen’s current place in life as well as drawing on his childhood. Loneliness, insecurities, and a slew of other vulnerabilities make this track one to cherish.

Featuring amazing views and drone shots, the matching video’s cinematic vibe lends itself more toward a Hollywood movie than a music video. The visual tells the story of a young girl running away from home with her boyfriend as they escape reality for a brief moment.

The male lead in the video represents what you think you want in lifeㅡ the extra things that we all go after, the things we use to fill a void within ourselves. The girl represents Jonezen and every person who’s ever felt like they don’t belong and are searching for meaning in life.

Disappointment soon arises, but with it comes an important self-realization: everything she needs need is within herself.

“Way Home” accompanies Jonezen’s most recent releases, “Penny Lane” (over 99k spins on Spotify) and “Tell Me Lies,” showing a new side to the hip-hop artist.


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