Jazz/Rock fusion bamd Trap Rabbit liberates their “Empress” visual

Philly-based instrumental progressive jazz/rock fusion outfit Trap Rabbit (of ArtHouse95) debuted the new music video for “Empress,” the title track from its debut EP, via Okayplayer on Friday, May 26, 2018. Directed by Bob Sweeney and MH the Verb, the video tackles that energy of power dynamics within the Trap Rabbit duo, composed of drummer Arjun Dube and keyboardist Logan Roth. It follows the two musicians in an epic build up of personality clashes as they go from a chill rehearsal session at their Fishtown studio to an all-out meltdown on the cobblestone streets of North Philadelphia.

The song was inspired by the emotional impression left by Empress Wu Zeitan, an ancient Chinese monarch who ruled during the Tang dynasty. During her rise to power, she orchestrated sinister deeds to secure her position, even killing her own children. While the song is in no way an ode to her horrible memory, the complex instrumental arrangement conjures similar feelings of dynamic power struggles that exist in us all –a sort of villain’s theme song.


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