FG Famous details exactly what he “Been Thru”

After releasing Head Young’n In Charge just a few weeks back, along with multiple accompanying visuals for a handful of tracks from the tape, Zero To Sixty’s FG Famous returns with a visual for “Been Thru” off his upcoming Against All Odds mixtape. The Bogalusa, LA rapper comes from a life of extreme hardship, which has included gunplay, hustling, and a passion for making money and those very sentiments are reflected effortlessly thanks to the passion he pours into his music. At such a young age, FG Famous is an undeniable force to be reckoned with thanks to his ability to evoke powerful imagery and emotions with his lyricism. The young artist is truly playing the game Against All Odds, but it becomes very clear that his drive outweighs any of the odds stacked against him when you hit play.


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