The Keymakers deliver their new single “Burning Me Up”

‘Burning Me Up’ is the third single from The Keymakers and shows another side to the varied sound the duo are working to create. The song captures elements from electronic music and combines them with a more urban vibe as it develops. “It’s about that feeling of wanting something so bad that it hurts,” said Rome, one half of the duo. “That tension – that intense desire – that’s something we tried to capture with the track”. This song represents the first release that the brothers, now living together in Boston, collaborated completely on from srart to finish. While searching through old projects one night, Rederic found a melody he had jotted down between classes in college and showed it to Rome – from there, they started developing and expanding the idea. “It was such a fun journey making this song,” said Rederic. “Finally being in our own studio together instead of in different cities sending things back and forth, we were able to take our time with the track and coalesce on a vibe we felt really good about.” From there, they brought the track to their team, and got some production contributions from their good friend and AMAG team member, Pdub, in the team’s studio in Canada. “This song had me experimenting with my voice a little more than I have in the past – taking it to different places and bringing out some different tones – so that was a lot of fun, too”, said Rome. The Keymakers have been eager to get more of their music out into the world, and are excited to continue to add to their catalog as the year goes on.


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