Bless 1 is doing “No Looking Back” on new single

Chicago MC Bless 1 has been in the rap game for over 10 years. After dropping his free album Starving Artist, he gained attention from the likes of The Chicago Reader and was mentioned on After scrapping a follow up project, he began to take an interest in music production. Bless learned how to make beats, and 4 years ago started getting placements on television and advertisements with his original music. He has 80 placements on TV, and after a year-long grind started licensing his music for TV and ads.

After a long hiatus, he released an instrumental album titled Urban Growth back in January, showcasing his chops on the production tip. Bless is equally talented on the mic, and he’s back with a new single titled No Looking Back. No Looking Back is his first release in 10 years, and marks his re-entry into the hip hop world.

Bless has always had a unique style, using an off-kilter flow reminiscent of MF DOOM. Although rooted in traditional hip hop, Bless often sounds like a poet. No Looking back is an update of sorts, and deciphering his lyrics is half of the fun. The rhyme-slinger is a breath of fresh air in the current hip hop climate, but he still has appeal across generations. He’s one to look out for this year.

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