LA’s BCGotBars flips a classic for new single “No One”

The Los Angeles music scene is burgeoning with new artist that are building upon the sound that made the West Coast what it is today – Enter: BC (BCGotBars)

The one born Branden Carcamo of Cuban/Salvadoran descent, BC has had an infatuation with hip-hop and started creating music since the 6th grade. It was then, BC began crafting beats and rhymes on his laptop and distributing his songs to classmates. That hobby has since turned into a life path for BC. Inspired by the likes of such Hip-Hop luminaries as Cypress Hill & Too Short, with the musical backdrop of G-Funk – BC is ready to make his mark in the world of hip-hop.

The track “No One” finds BC speaking real facts to an ex-girlfriend, flipping the hook of the S.O.S Band’s classic track “No One”. One listen to the project and you instantly get his aesthetic of the vintage West Coast flavor with a touch of the new, futuristic wave.


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