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1stDayFresh Feature: Sean Elliot

Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist/producer Sean Elliot recently released “Big Boy”, his new single featuring fellow Mississippi rapper and Big K.R.I.T. collaborator Big Sant. Produced by Joe On The Track, the track will appear on Sean’s forthcoming album Brown Liquor & 808s which will also feature Adam Dollar$, DQ Rodgers and Iraouree. Sean released his Preface EP (Spotify) in 2017 which spawned visuals for “Cool” (watch) and “Like Fresh” (watch). “I feel this record embodies the 808s, the basslines, and the sound in general that I was fortunate to grow up on in the 1990s,” Sean says. “Unapologetically Southern.”

You’re very active on the Baton Rouge rap scene. What do you think makes the BR scene different from a scene like New Orleans? Who are the major players?

In my opinion the biggest difference is the general perception of artists from Baton Rouge. People hear the party/dance songs and records from the most notable rappers from the city (Boosie Bad Azz, Webbie, NBA Youngboy, Kevin Gates) and just assume that sound is all we have to offer. I’m not knocking none of them but aside from that sound the streets of Baton Rouge are filled with lyrical content that goes far beyond the reputation we may have these days. Some rappers (such as myself) also produce their own records as well as for other artists in the city. As for who are the major players, it’s a lot of names emerging from Baton Rouge. Last year XXL did a list of rappers from the city you should get to know; some of them unfortunately have passed since then but the others are still grinding and that doesn’t include the names that weren’t mentioned. I’d have to say: Sean Elliot of course, Adam Dollar$, L. Franchise, Marcel P. Black, John Anthony, Michael Armstead, Flood, Iraiouree, Saze’, Jay Ones.. just to name a few. I know I forgetting plenty but those are a few of the names making noise over the past few years.

What made you decide to become a rapper?

You know how almost everybody in middle/high school had that one classmate that nobody knew could flow/make beats until years later? That was me. I started making beats around 2002 in 7th grade. Over time I started producing for friends around the city and after a while people started saying I should rhyme too. At first I had the whole Eazy-E from “Straight Outta Compton” response: “I’m not a rapper though..y’all the rappers, I make beats” (laughs). One song turned to 3 or 5; and that turned into live performances,interviews,and my deput EP Preface that dropped in December 2017. I’m glad I listened to the voices in my ear cause this feels right.

What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

I’ll keep it a buck and say I really don’t remember the very first rap song I heard but I do remember the first song/video that really caught my undivided attention. The song and the artist are both in my top 5 and the label is my all time favorite indie. I must’ve been been 7 or 8 years old when Hov & Rocafella dropped “Dead Presidents”. The song itself is a classic but the now infamous monopoly game with real money was too dope. Around the table you got Jay, Dame Dash, Biggs, Biggie Smalls, AZ and more iconic NYC figures playing monopoly with real money surrounded by bottles of expensive champagne. That’s a hell of an impression on a young black mind. Age wise I’m in the same ballpark they were at the time so I understand that mindset they had at that time completely.

How did “Big Boy” come together?

It was September 10, 2017, I had an interview with Tubbi of “The Nerdy Bird Site” and Joe of Thaantidote.com/Real Profit Ent. I know it was that date exactly because it was the day before my birthday and i think i mentioned it in the interview (laughs). Joe had asked me to bring some beats to checkout for some of his artist and he would bring some that I may like for myself. He told me he had one that the late legend Pimp C had got from him but Pimp had passed away before he could finish it. That same beat is now known as the instrumental for “Big Boy”. The idea to add Big Sant to the record was all me; I been a huge fan of Big K.R.I.T. and Sant since ‘Return of 4eva’ dropped in 2011 so picking a dope southern feature was the easy part.

What are your thoughts on the year in music so far?

It’s been a solid year so far in my opinion. Any year we can get a new Nas album is a good one. Not just Nasir but Daytona. Of course it’s summer time so Drake is doing Drake as usual, plus Beyonce and Jay dropped their first project together. It’s a fire year so far and just think we still have 5 months to go.

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