First Day Feature: Curt talks latest single “Champagne & Songz”, using music to get out his thoughts and more

I have always been one to believe the best music is that which comes from the heart. We all go through things in our lives, so when an artist is able to convey their feelings no matter how sad they may be it can be infectious. We do often listen to music to get away from our problems, but having music that relates directly to them is also a major part of music. Grenada, Mississippi-born, Houston, Texas-based MC Curt is one artist in the indie scene placing his pain into his music.

His latest single “Champagne & Songz” is now available and it truly takes us on a trip into his mind and pain. Curt crafted the song in the midst of one of the lowest points in his life. The track is well put together and caused us to want to pick his brain a bit more to understand what the process was behind it and more. Follow along for our full Q&A with Curt below.

To kick things off could you give us an introduction for anyone who is new to you?

I’m just a regular guy from the small city of Grenada, Mississippi who love Dragonball Z and has a college degree. I make music for the soul. I think I can sing sometimes so I try. I make music for me as well as you.

How did you get your start in music and did you always have a feel for it?

I think I’ve always kinda had a feel for music. Of course I’ve always loved and listened to music since I can remember. In the 4th or 5th grade me and some of my friends started a rap group called “4 Pimps” where we just wrote raps in class. We were like the Hot Boyz. Then I met Phresh (Marcus Maham) in 9th or 10th grade. He was already rapping and had a group called Mask Off. I kinda played around with rapping with him. That was my first time actually recording a song. I started taking music serious in 2014 when I got in a little jam. I can remember watching the music channel where they gave little side facts about the artist & I saw Schoolboy say that 50 told him if you been to jail before, you may as well start rapping. I RAN with that man. I was on house arrest so I really couldn’t do much but work and write. I lived right next to Deeleaux so he kind of got me to taking it serious too.

Tell us more about how your upbringing was growing up? How do you feel it reflects in your music?

I had and still have had good people around me all my life. I was probably 1 or 2 when my folks broke up but my pops was still always around. They couldn’t have raised me any better. I was an all-A student from K-12th grade. School was always easy. I went to college and got a degree…I blame all the good stuff on my folks and how I was raised. I took a few left turns like we all do sometimes and had a couple mishaps but that was and still is all on me. Nothing to do with how I was raised. I think my life reflects so much in my music because I rap about what I’m really going through. I talk about what I really have and don’t have. I don’t got no money so I don’t act like it. I’m not a street guy so I don’t act like it. I ain’t no sucker either though.

You now live in Houston, how do you feel about the scene being there? It is a large market so I’m interested in what it’s like to be a part of it.

Almost 2 years living here & I still be amazed about some of the things I see and witness. It’s amazing. I’m from Grenada, Mississippi so I ain’t used to everything being so big and far away. So many ways to network. So many talented people to try and work with. I met some of the dopest producers ever out here. So many things to do period. It’s great man. I can honestly say they treat me like I never left Grenada.

If you had to describe your music to someone who has never heard it how would you do so?

I usually call it “feel good” music. I try to turn negative situations into positives. I talk about my life and what I’m going through, but plenty of people are going through the same things. I try to let people in on ME. My music is me. You listen to a few songs and you have a pretty good idea of how I really am. I joke in my music, I get personal, I get emotional…I try to give folks the real me.

6) You just released your latest single “Champagne & Songz”, tell us how it came about?

Man…I still get emotional thinking about this song, the situation, and what it means to me. This still my most favorite song I’ve ever written. I’ve only told this to like 5 people because other parties are involved. Long story short, someone I love more than anything was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in mid-February and if you know anything about that illness then you know how tough and draining it is. For an entire week this person I loved went missing. Nobody knew where she was and neither of us were from here so we didn’t know anybody. She had no phone or anything. That was probably one of the hardest times of my life. I couldn’t help but think the worst. I looked everywhere, printed out missing signs, filed missing person reports and everything. I had the beat to “Champagne & Songz” for a while and never started on it so I used the time where I wasn’t out searching, to write this. I just tried to stay positive through everything. I kept praying and saying that we will be alright. Turns out some kind hearted person had taken her to a hospital so everything turned out alright.

It is a song that is based in emotion largely, would you say your emotions is what drives most of your music?

Definitely yes. I write a lot when I’m bored just like anybody else. But lately life been so hectic that I’ve had no other choice but for emotion to drive the music that I’ve been releasing. I try to to be an open book. I try to show I’m normal. I try to show I’m vulnerable.

I can tell music is a bit therapeutic for you, does that make your music any harder to create? A lot of people don’t like dealing with things like that.

Very therapeutic. I don’t think it’s about whether you LIKE dealing with those things or not, but HOW you deal with them. Because if I haven’t learned anything, I learned that life will happen no matter what so you gotta kinda take it and do what u will. That actually makes the music way easier to make when it’s about things you’re actually experiencing and going through. I don’t have to sit back and wonder what having a million dollars feels like. I don’t have to sit and think of ways to tell you I’m blowing money and riding in jets. The music is easy when it’s true. It’s easy when you’re actually doing the things you talk about because I don’t have to wonder how any of this feels. I know because I experienced it personally.

How has the overall response been to the new single thus far? Have people received it how you intended them to?

Somewhat. The reception from the people who actually listen to me and know me was amazing. Every thought and feeling I wanted people to experience was experienced. I let a few of my close family and friends hear the song before I released it and before I told them the backstory and how the song came to be. The feedback was amazing. Unfortunately my city supports folks when they popping so I guess we will work on that. I know the song only gone get bigger though.

What is the main goal you would like to accomplish through your music?

Cliche but I want to change the world. I want to save lives. I want to help people. I probably will go broke trying to help people. I’m not acting like I’m out here having the most hectic and miserable life ever, but people hurt themselves for way less. Maybe I can convince that one person that life goes on. Maybe I can inspire that person who’s suffering mentally and embarrassed to seek help, to go get help. Maybe I can motivate that one person to go to and/or finish school and get a degree. Maybe I can convince somebody to start their own business and invest back into our people. I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too much.

What do you think is the toughest time you’ve been through in your life and how were you able to overcome it?

I got to go with 2 different times. One situation I put myself in but that didn’t make it any less hard. That small jam just told me to stay true to me. I just stayed prayed up. Talked with family and friends. I read a whole lot of bible verses.

I’m currently going through one of the other toughest times now. I’m just staying hopeful. Staying alert. Trying to be as loving and caring as I possibly can be. The main thing I do is try to find understanding.

What were you able to learn from this?

Where do I start? I learned more about myself than I ever knew. This probably the biggest test and lesson that I’ve had. Just stay down, stay prayed up, and stay hopeful. PATIENCE!!! I saw how impatient I was. I saw how much of a procrastinator I was. I thought I was the least selfish person I knew…I wasn’t. PREVENT PREVENTABLE SITUATIONS!!! You notice a whole lot of things about yourself, good and bad, when you put in certain situations. I could go on and on man but I don’t want y’all thinking I’m that messed up because I am.

In 10 years where do you see yourself being?

Hopefully somewhere very wealthy just making music because I want to. Purple Label should be as big as Cash Money. I’ll be traveling and enjoying life man. I want to have a few successful businesses running. I want to be invested in others businesses. I want to be able to help the world. Real changes. Real groundwork. I want to be able to change lives.

If you could change one thing about the world that we know today what would it be and why?

I just want everybody to be selfless. That’ll fix a lot of stuff. If nobody selfish, nobody starving. Nobody dying because the person who can save them wanna record. None of that. Just everybody do something nice for somebody once a day and help somebody. Wouldn’t be perfect but can no ONE thing make it perfect.

Do you have any last words before we conclude?

Yall love me.


Keep up with Curt on Twitter at @bigcurtdogg 


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