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First Day Feature: Is Fred Nice coming home?

It’s one of life’s constant themes that change will eventually occur. People grow and as they do so we all look for ways to become improved versions of ourselves. The music world is no different, as artists look to expand their own brands by incorporating different sounds. Such was the case for Fred Nice over the past year or so, as that time period saw the versatile musician taking more of a rapper’s approach to his sound. When asked about that rap influence Fred stated, “Rapping was easier for me to do and I knew a lot of people liked that sound more so than R&B, so I wanted to play around with it more.”

Safe to say this experiment went well as a bevvy of singles including the Money Man-assisted “Do It Again” helped to grow the Oxford, MS native’s fan base. It would seem as though this phase in the artist’s musicianship is dwindling to an end for the time being though, with a commitment to R&B being pledged by Fred Nice for the future. “I gained a lot of fans, but the ones I have gained were drawn in by the raps and stayed because of the substance in my R&B.” Recognizing this trend has led for a homecoming of sorts to his original sound which is being highlighted on his new weekly #MOAMonday series.

We’ve received two entries to date and both have Fred Nice in position as a full blown crooner. For fans who may be wondering of the direction of his upcoming studio album “Must Be Nice”, we were also given an update on that. Asking Fred about how shifting back to R&B more will affect the project he said, “The album was already on a different vibe and I think this will just make the transition even smoother.” A focus on self-producing the LP alongside longtime partner Dre and Silas Reed is a goal in terms of direction for the long awaited project. While we brace for its arrival, check out Fred Nice’s last two releases and follow him at @IAmFredNice on all social media for more updates.

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