Premiere: Judson Wright holds no emotions back on new single “I Ran”

Judson Wright has quickly become one of our favorite artists to watch here at 1DF. Though he is still certainly scratching the surface of his immense potential, the singles he has already provided have all stuck in our mind and hearts. Judson just has a sound all of his own and it’s hard not to find it all infectious. Even when focusing on topics that are less than happy ones, as is the case with his new single “I Ran”, he makes an impact that just has to be felt.

“I Ran” is a song from a place of discontent. The singer is fed up and walking out of a relationship. Judson embodies the emotions of the character through melodies reminiscent of the 808s-MBDTF Kanye. His fillers harken to the mmmyeahs of Kid Cudi. Unlike the vocal work, the music is less genre-specific. The guitar is reflective of Zenyatta Mondatta era Police riffs. The seamless atmosphere of the track is credited to the years of experience Judson has in the production of his own sound. I Ran is best to listen to in your car at night.

The somber single that is “I Ran” marks the third official release from Judson Wright following “Palm Trees” and “Original”. It can be found on all streaming services now.


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