Jane Ellen Bryant announces new EP, debuts “Attention” visual

Austin based, pop singer-songwriter Jane Ellen Bryant is thrilled to announce her new EP Let Me Be Lost, to be released on September 21st. To celebrate, Jane has unveiled the music video to the track, “Attention.”

Jane says, “While creating ‘Attention’ and the video concept in my head, I asked myself, “What would you do if you had no fear at all about what other people thought?” That was something I had never fully challenged myself to before. Almost a year later, here we are. My team and I took this crazy idea and chased it fully. I got lost in the transformation of these alter ego characters. I wanted to find a way to save myself within the story. Originally we all imagined that “Dom Jane” would be the most fearsome persona. Once I was in full costume of “House Wife Jane,” we realized that she was the true, frightening nut-case behind it all. It was a blast and a total release to become someone else for a few hours. The girl power dancing in the video came to life because dance was one of my very first art forms. It has always been a dream of mine to create a song that inspired people to choreograph movement together. As a kid, that was the way I first expressed my infatuation with a song. It had been ten years since I performed as a dancer, but I decided to awaken my passion for it with this project. Watching people choreograph and learn a dance to my track was one of the most rewarding experiences of all time.”

The new EP is a collection of songs that each one tells a different story and reflects a different aurora, yet all demonstrate the many shades of Jane Ellen Bryant. Her new music is reminiscent of Harry Styles, St. Vincent, Phantogram and Sylvan Esso, but still maintains that sound and style that is quintessentially her own. Bryant was joined in the studio by her first ever bandmate and longtime collaborator, drummer Chris Copeland. Other collaborators include guitarist Brian Patterson and guest bass player Einar Pederson, who has worked with the likes The Fray and Kelly Clarkson. Let Me Be Lost EP was produced by Frenchie Smith at The Bubble in Austin. He has worked with Jet, The Toadies, Wild Child, and more.

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